YOGAVIBE | meet Vivienne
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meet Vivienne

Vivienne credits yoga with transforming her life after a very difficult childhood and early adulthood. It has provided the inspiration, pathway and tools to overcome many serious life-challenges and to live a life of balance, good health, happiness and abundance which she never knew possible. What started as a purely physical form of exercise has enabled her to make a deep and strong connection with her own spirit, sense of identity, self-love and self-worth. Yoga has been a solid and empowering foundation upon which to rebuild and grow her life and her relationships.This deeply personal yoga journey drives Vivienne’s unique, all-embracing teaching style and her mission for making yoga accessible to as many people as possible. She has an acute awareness of the unique needs of every student in her class, and a rare and intuitive teaching approach which underlies her ability to effectively adapt and modify asanas (yoga poses) for individuals of varying yoga experience. No matter what the style of yoga being taught or the fitness level of the student, Vivienne insists on ensuring that each and every class is an amazing experience for each of her students. She will meet you where you’re at, guide you to ‘play your edge’ and stretch to grow your own potential and the sense of self-empowerment which comes with that. Watching her students ‘grow’ through their practise of yoga is her joy and reward as a teacher.

Vivienne completed a two year teacher training course at YogaWest with her first teacher Janet Catesby. Since graduating Vivienne has explored many different styles of yoga over the past 17 years, including Ashtanga, Power, Iyengar, Yin, Restorative and Anusara yoga. These styles have all contributed to her repertoire as a teacher. Vivienne has an ongoing thirst for expanding her knowledge and understanding of yoga and considers herself as primarily a student of this amazing practice. Her professional development as a teacher of yoga is ongoing as she continues to study with highly respected from across the world. Vivienne honours all her teachers past and present as they have each played an integral role not only in her yoga but in her life more broadly. Vivienne opened the first purpose built yoga studio in Wetherill Park which she operated for 10 years, she now serves her local communties offering yoga in local yoga studios and gyms.