YOGAVIBE | Empower, Move, Connect, Transform
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Our mission is to inspire and promote self healing, to provide the skills and tools for personal growth and self empowerment, so we can reach our highest potential and live our lives fully from our hearts.

My healing is your healing,

your healing is my healing,

and together,

our healing is the world’s healing.

Vivienne Dias, founder, Yogavibe

My healing is your healing, your healing is my healing, and together, our healing is the world’s healing.

Vivienne Dias, Founder, YOGAVIBE

Creating a space that is safe for people to dive into the depths of who they truly are without any judgment. Teaching yoga means meeting students where they are at and guiding them to find out what it is they need, teaching acceptance of who they are, and providing them the space to let go of the things that are not serving them well in their life. Helping people realise the greatest power they will ever process is the one of choice and when we acknowledge that power we become empowered.

Teaching yoga means for some styles teaching asanas and in the west there is a huge emphasis on asana practice. I do value this practice (it is one of the 8 limbs of yoga) for me it was the gateway into myself and so it is for many other people. So teaching people to move, to feel and connect deeply with their physical body is raising their level of awareness of themselves. Also by teaching students asana is an opportunity for them to play their edge and expand their potential physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

This is what it’s all about right! Connection!!! Teaching yoga is that, connecting students with their body, mind and heart. Teaching them connection to their breath, the life force that flows within, connection to the present moment (the only thing that matters), connection to each other and the world we live in. Teaching yoga is guiding one on a journey into their hearts and awakening to who they truly are and who we all are.

Through the practice of yoga and its teachings my life has been transformed, a life I once lived now feels like a fading dream. For me this is why I become a yoga teacher, to share this practice with others so they too can have the opportunity to transform their lives.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

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